Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 Update: Resetting

The spring school term began this week, so I've been rather busy and not thinking about polyphasic stuff too much.

The weekend prior, I decided to do some intense gaming to finish up some stuff I had been working on in an MMO and wanted to be done with before the semester started. As a result, I stayed up too late on several nights, not wanting to nap, and so went back to just sleeping when I was too tired to stay up. Of course, I can't keep a schedule with that and just slept whatever time my body felt like (which varied considerably, although I still always wake up around 8), and it's not very restful to do it several days in a row, but it's difficult to go back to sleeping normally again the next night.

It seems paradoxical, but when you stay up until you're exhausted, it's like you oversleep when you do rest, and find it difficult to sleep again the next night. I find that I don't feel 100% after sleeping the sleep of the dead, but I have a hard time going back to sleep at a regular time the next night because, although I'm tired, I'm just not sleepy. I've been freesleeping up until today this week, trying to feel more rested after the mental exhaustion of the weekend and this week, but still staying up late doing stuff online or reading because I was unable to fall asleep until the early morning hours.

Tonight, I'm going back to my designated schedule. My attempts to rest up and reset by freesleeping don't seem to be doing anything; sleeping without a schedule doesn't aid getting back into sleeping on a schedule, for me at least. If I'm unable to sleep at my preferred time again (before midnight), I will try staying up until my late-morning naptime (11:30-13:00), sleeping then, and then getting my 3-hour sleep that night.

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